Mickie James on Jordynne Grace and her qualities

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Mickie James on Jordynne Grace and her qualities

In an interview with Pro Wrestling Torch, Mickie James talked about her opponent Jordynne Grace, who impressed with her talent and qualities. “It’s been amazing. I’ve been able to step in there with the absolute best talent out there right now and I think it [tested me] against what I was capable of.

Every challenge has been tougher and tougher and every match has been a little bit more of a struggle. I’ve obviously never faced Jordynne before and we are two completely different fighters. I’ll never be as strong as Jordynne, I’ll never be as tough as Jordynne, I won’t hit as hard as Jordynne.

Hopefully I can be a little bit faster than her, I dunno, we’ll see. But I have to be smarter than her and that’s just where I hopefully have the advantage”. - she said, as quoted by pwmania.com.

Mickie James and her opponent

James is not eager to prove herself because she has shown her quality many times.

She analyzed her opponent and that match will be something special. “I have studied every style of wrestling to be as well rounded as possible. I know she takes that championship very seriously and she’s been a hell of a champion and I won’t take that from her but I do not want her to be the one to retire me, I still love wrestling so much and I wanted to test myself on this last rodeo to prove that I still belong and that I could still be champion.

I wanted to do something special on my way out of the ring if I was because I do want to step behind the scenes and I do want to [look] at the next chapter at some point. I didn’t think I had anything else to prove rather than to prove that I still belong and to prove that I can still go and be champion one last time”.