Mickie James on Deonna Purrazzo kicking out of her finisher

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Mickie James on Deonna Purrazzo kicking out of her finisher

Jordynne Grace will be a dangerous opponent for Mickie James. Speaking to AdFreeShows.com, Mickie James first mentioned Deonna Purrazzo and the respect she has for her. “I have a lot of respect for Deonna for so many reasons.

Not just because of the type of competitor she is, and that she brings out the best in me, which is, I feel like that’s just a testament to her and then both of our passion for the sport and for the industry and what we feel that that Knockouts Championship deserves”.

- she said, as quoted by pwmania.com She didn't believe in kicking out of finishes, but that changed when Deonna did something that surprised many. “I think that there’s a reason why nobody kicked out of my finish because I was told from day one, ‘I don’t believe in kicking out of finishes.

I don’t believe in bastardizing your finish and just letting anyone kick out of it.’ That’s the old school training in me. That’s why it meant so much when Deonna actually kicked out of it because nobody ever had before, and so nobody expected it."

James vs Purrazoo

Between them there were huge sparks and fire.

It was clear that both were doing their best to show the audience who was more dominant. That's why their matches are something special. "But with the story of going into it, with how much we had done going into that match, I mean, we tried to kill each other match after match, so it just felt right.

It’s not something that I ever had done before and it’s maybe not something that I’ll do again because my finish is very important to me. I feel like the more you diminish how important it is, the more the fans don’t buy it or don’t take it seriously”.