New details on Mickie James' future


New details on Mickie James' future

On the September 1st episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Mickie James showed up again after about a month out of the scene, after teasing on social media about a possible farewell to the world of professional wrestling, tired of losing and getting nowhere.

During this appearance, he had made it known that he wanted to start what has been called "The Last Rodeo", or the last race towards glory, with James who specified that he wanted to challenge several wrestlers at IMPACT to then clash with the champion, stating that even if she had lost even one match, she would have hung up her boots.

She finally managed to have her title match against champion Jordynne Grace, with the two clashing last night in the first pay-per-view of the year for IMPACT, aka Hard To Kill, in a Title vs Career: if Had Mickie James won, she would have become the new Knockouts Champion, if she had lost however, her run in the ring would have ended at that moment.

But let's see how it turned out for her.

Mickie James has a huge talent

The two clashed in a very important match, not only because there were two very precious things at stake for a wrestler, but also because the match was the main event of the evening, thus further raising the hype for the clash and the two women themselves.

Although the forecasts were very uncertain, in the end it was Mickie James who took home the belt, not even having to give up his career. In fact, the legend escaped a Grace Driver, managing to perform her Tornado MickDT followed by the pin that led her to victory.

After the match, Mickie celebrated together with Tara, known as Victoria in WWE, and her family, including her son Donovan. So congratulations to Mickie James on this victory and congratulations also on the wonderful career he's had in the ring, which is still going on for now.

In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Mickie James opened up on her WWE release: "Nothing surprises me really anymore. It's hard to have expectations because nothing ever goes according to your plan but I thought I would wrap my career there." Mickie James continued, "I was like so grateful to be able to go back and have the opportunity to kind of wrap up my story there and kind of bow out in a good graceful kind of way because I felt like the first time I left was on such weird terms and I did some amazing stuff when I came back."

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