Ken Anderson on Impact Wrestling Being An Option

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Ken Anderson on Impact Wrestling Being An Option

Outside of the WWE, there are still quite a large number of talented wrestlers. Those talented wrestlers work for various famous indie promotions. The indie promotions pay these wrestlers really well, but are usually not able to keep a hold of them.

Most indie wrestlers join the WWE after they are done with their time on the indie circuit. The WWE can pay its wrestlers really well. Ken Anderson was one of the best Impact Wrestling stars. He was also a WWE star and he is no longer an active wrestler.

He was called Mr. Kennedy in the WWE. Anderson stated on the WINCLY podcast that he joined Impact Wrestling as it was the only option he had after he was released by the WWE. "I feel like TNA was a viable alternative," said Anderson.

"At the time it was The Hardys, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Sting, Mick Foley, Hall, Nash and all of the TNA originals… "I always thought the disconnect in TNA was not the talent. Management wasn't taking the necessary steps to make sure we were being marketed effectively.

The marketing was expected to be put out there by us and that was the extent of it." He also stated that the superstars were expected to promote the fights on their social media. "I don't think you can run a promotion on a major network and survive just from Facebook and Twitter," admitted Anderson.