Bully Ray on Not Owning the Dudley Name

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Bully Ray on Not Owning the Dudley Name

Bully Ray formed the Dudley Boyz with D-Van Dudley and they are regarded as one of the best WWE tag teams of all time. They originally started with ECW, but joined the WWE after the WWE bought ECW and all of its intellectual properties.

Dudley Boyz left the WWE in 2005 and joined TNA. They formed Team 3D there. They were forced to keep the name Team 3D as Vince McMahon owned the Dudley name. He stated that on the Chris Jericho podcast. "I can't claim any original intellectual property on the Dudley name," revealed Bully Ray.

"It was an original intellectual property of ECW. When ECW went into bankruptcy, WWE bought ECW out of bankruptcy and when you buy it out you get the assets and the debts, and the assets were the original intellectual property, which are names and characters.

The Dudley name and the characters, all original intellectual properties and Vince McMahon owns it. "When they first told me, I yelled and screamed and kicked and mother f**kered them. I couldn't believe they were doing this and I told Paul Heyman that I thought I owned the name.

I'm sure I don't have to go any further with this story, but needless to say, you know what? It worked out; I immediately changed the name to Team 3D, and in many ways Team 3D was as successful as The Dudleys, and we still get a check four times a year with the WWE."