Kurt Angle on 2010 TNA lockdown

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Kurt Angle on 2010 TNA lockdown

Impact Wrestling was known as TNA at one time. During the TNA era, Impact Wrestling managed to sign a few legendary superstars and former WWE wrestlers. Some fans say that that was the time Impact Wrestling was actually worth watching.

TNA was not PG, so they could show violent wrestling matches and use swear words on TV. TNA produced some high quality matches that the WWE could not produce at that time. One of the greatest TNA matches of all time took place in 2010 at TNA Lockdown.

Kurt Angle fought Mr. Anderson in a cage match. Angle won that match. During the match Kurt Angle hit a moonsault from top of the cage, which was a major highlight of Kurt Angle’s career. Kurt Angle officially retired at WrestleMania 35 this year.

The Classic Moment was released by Global Wrestling Network. Kurt Angle wrote this on his Twitter account in response to the video. "What was I thinking? I'm a wrestler. I "wrestle" This was anything "but" wrestling."

Gail Kim replied to her response by saying, “Haha the point is we don’t think in those moments. We just do. .... and pay for it years later”. This Lockdown PPV saw Team Hogan defeating Team Flair, Rob Van Damdefeating James Storm, Kevin Nash defeating Eric Young. AJ Styles also successfully defended his TNA World Heavyweight Title by defeating D’ Angelo Dinero.