Gail Kim on Return Announcement

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Gail Kim on Return Announcement

Although most professional wrestlers that retire often want to stay retired, some wrestlers return to the ring. That can be due to many reasons! Some wrestlers simply want to earn money and they can’t do that by sitting idle.

Even though wrestlers work with their promotions even after retiring by taking on a different role, some promotions actually encourage the wrestlers to return. Some wrestlers are missed by the fans, and promotions wish to see them perform again.

Gail Kim is one of Impact Wrestling’s top talents. She retired but is now going to make a return to face Tessa Blanchard at Rebellion. She spoke to Wrestling Inc. about the day she announced that she is returning. “I will say it was a decision that wasn't taken lightly.

That's for sure. I think a lot of people fan-wise, and I've had this comment a lot on social media. "Oh, she is coming out of retirement for the millionth time." I've actually never come out of retirement yet.

This is actually my first time coming out of retirement. It would have to be for a very good reason. I will say I think Tessa Blanchard in herself is making a big splash in the women's wrestling scene right now”. “She is probably one of the best, if not the best in terms of outside WWE and throughout the independent circle and other promotions”.