Gail Kim on Her Training

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Gail Kim on Her Training

Many of the best wrestlers of the world train to get even better. Without training, wrestlers cannot perform consistently. Those that do train generally last longer than wrestlers that do not train. Even after years of training, the wrestlers sometimes fail to perform moves properly.

This can get someone injured. Most professional wrestlers that want to make a comeback after retiring need to train really hard to get back in form. They need to study various wrestlers and get back into fighting shape. Unfortunately, not many wrestlers can do that.

Gail Kim is going to make a return to wrestling. She is one of Impact Wrestling’s top stars. Gail Kim was asked about who she is studying these days for her return by Wrestling Inc. “Not specific, I've been watching all kinds of wrestling.

I've been going back to old school wrestling and back before my time with Shawn [Michaels] and Bret [Hart]. Even the psychology of Hunter [Triple H] and Shawn as well. I watch different people for different reasons. I'll watch certain people for psychology and certain people for match creativeness.

In terms of preparation, I've just really been working on my cardio a lot because people don't realize even if you run on a treadmill and then you do a match, it's not the same”. Gail Kim will wrestle Tessa Blanchard at Rebellion.