Joe Hendry Speaks About His Impact Wrestling Exit


Joe Hendry Speaks About His Impact Wrestling Exit

Joe Hendry is a famous Impact Wrestling wrestler, and he recently spoke about why he couldn’t perform for Impact Wrestling during a certain part of his career. He is currently in his second Impact Wrestling run. He started his first run in 2018 and wrestled seven matches inside an Impact Wrestling ring.

He made a return to Impact Wrestling at Bound for Glory 2022. During his first run with the company, Hendry managed to put out a memorable performance against Eli Drake, who was at that time one of the most popular Impact Wrestling stars on the planet.

Eli Drake is now called LA Knight as he is working for WWE now. He also partnered with Grado during that time.

Joe Hendry Reveals The Real Reason Why He Was Forced To Leave Impact Wrestling

He recently appeared on Impact Outside The Ropes to speak about why he had to stop performing for Impact Wrestling in 2018.

Turns out it was all due to a visa issue. He actually couldn’t get a Visa so he couldn’t work for Impact Wrestling when they moved their production to the United States. This is actually one of the strangest reasons why a performer couldn’t work for a wrestling company in the US after working for one for a while.

"I did not have a visa at that time and we were doing shows in Canada and Mexico, so I could only be present on Canadian shows and Mexican shows," Hendry said. "Impact moved back into the United States for the production and so, we had to, you know, harmoniously part ways there.

I did feel like there was unfinished business. It was a shame because I did very much enjoy my time. Me and Grado had a lot fun. I learned a lot, but I think that I was truly ready for the opportunity presented to me this time." Joe Hendry managed to win a match against Drake during his first run.

It was at the Impact Wrestling vs. The UK event. That took place in September 2018. However, Hendry has since then won a number of important matches during his second run. He has already won the Impact Digital Media Championship when he fought Brian Myers for it.

He is on his way to breaking Matt Cardona’s record for the longest-reigning Impact Digital Media Champion. The title was actually created around five years ago. These days, Hendry is feuding with Moose who is also a very popular Impact Wrestling Superstar. The two wrestlers will fight each other at Impact No Surrender PPVs. It will be a Dot Combat Match.