Bully Ray on Rejecting Impact’s Offer in 2017

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Bully Ray on Rejecting Impact’s Offer in 2017

Bully Ray is a former member of the Dudley Boyz which was one of the most popular tag teams of the world. They won the WWE tag team titles multiple times. Outside of the WWE, the team of Bully Ray and D-Van was known as Team 3D.

‘Dudley’ is owned by the WWE, so they had to use the name Team 3D. Bully Ray was known as Bubba Ray Dudley in the WWE. He with his partner, D-Van, had a very unique double team move set. They had numerous battles with the Hardy Boyz and made the WWE shows worth watching.

Bully Ray now wrestles as a solo wrestler and participates in singles matches. He was on the Talk is Jericho, where he spoke about not accepting Impact’s offer in 2017. This came at a time when The Hardy Boyz left Impact Wrestling.

This is what he said: “Everything they wanted to do with Drew Galloway and then Drew left, went back to WWE and they handed me his creative," stated Bully Ray. "I said that you can't just plug me into somebody else's stuff.

I go, I was an established character here with an established history and story. We have to re-think this. They weren't willing to re-think anything and I walked away from the money and then I went back to the original company I wanted to be with”.