Mercedes Moné remains a free agent


Mercedes Moné remains a free agent

Mercedes Moné has become the new IWGP women's champion by defeating Kairi at the event of February 18, 2023 Njpw Battle in the Valley and despite this important conquest, he made it known that he does not actually have a fixed contract with the Japanese company, in fact it remains a free agent , so free to go fight where he wants.

In fact, interviewed by Scott Fishman of Tvinsider, the former Sasha Banks said: "The fact is that I am a free agent. It doesn't matter with the New Japan. I can go anywhere. I can go to New Japan, in Impact, Mexico, Germany, Europe.

Potential meetings are infinite. The same for the New Japan. I know they have collaborations with cmll, impact, aew. Being fan and being able to look at all these different matches from all parts of the world is fantastic. I know there He is a little woman in Impact that I would like to face one day, Mickie James!

We'll see what's in the stars."

Update on Mercedes Moné

Speaking to Busted Open Radio, the president of Impact Scott D'amore wanted to praise the work of Mercedes Moné: "We met Mercedes, our streets had never crossed.

Obviously, they are a big fan of hers and everything he has done. It was a great opportunity to meet her and chat with her after an incredible encounter with her and Kairi. I don't think Kairi has ever obtained the love and respect she deserves.

It is exceptional. That of his elbow is among the best in the sector and Maybe the coolest to look at. She and Mercedes went out there in front of a crowded audience and put on a match for the world title that I thought was exceptional.

The struggle was incredible, the emotion was fantastic. Speaking with her later, Mercedes is obviously a very concentrated and passionate professional. His struggle is at the top, his attitude seemed great to me." When Mickie James spoke to him of the possible match between the two, he replied: "We have to put you in the ring together and make him happen." Wrestling veteran Jim Cornette has given his take on the matter on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, where he foresees Mercedes Mone trialing a lot of different ideas to see what works.

“How long had she’d been with the WWE? 10 years? Some talent that don’t have a strong background in wrestling of any kind, even if it’s the independents but you still get some experience even if not a lot of teaching and psychology, you get experience in doing different s**t and some of it works and some of it doesn’t and you figure things out on your own and you get ideas for yourself."

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