Eddie Edwards re-signs with Impact Wrestling


Eddie Edwards re-signs with Impact Wrestling

Fans of Impact Wrestling can sigh with ease now that Eddie Edwards has revealed he has renewed his contract with the organization. The 39-year-old wrestler debuted in January 2014 as a member of the tag team The Wolves with Davey Richards.

Edwards stated his satisfaction with the new contract and his excellent working relationship with the promotion's front office in an interview with PWInsider. "How many years have passed at this point? We've been together, and, you know, the front office has changed frequently.

Still, I can confidently say that right now is the best connection I've ever had with the front office, and I believe that's the case for many players in the locker room, "he said.

Eddie Edwards' Impressive Accomplishments in Impact Wrestling

Edwards has been a mainstay in Impact Wrestling for many years and has won numerous awards while working there.

He is the eighth Triple Crown winner in TNA/Impact history, a former two-time World Champion, five-time Tag Team Champion (with Davey Richards), and a two-time X-Division Champion. Edwards mentioned the respect and value he experiences within the organization, so he decided to re-sign with Impact Wrestling.

"They've always respected me from the beginning. They've always treated me with a lot of respect, even now. My worth to the company is high, "he said. In addition to his accomplishments in Impact Wrestling, Edwards has a distinguished history outside the sport.

He has held the titles of GHC Heavyweight Champion in Pro Wrestling NOAH, ROH World Champion, two-time ROH Tag Team Champion (with Davey Richards), and ROH TV Champion. He and Richards won the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards' The Tag Team of the Year honor in 2009.

Ultimately, Edwards is ecstatic to continue with Impact Wrestling and looks forward to the future. I've successfully conveyed to many people that my wife Alisha and I are Impact Wrestling. Impact Wrestling is where we want to be.

We want to continue competing in Impact Wrestling indefinitely. That is my intention, "he said. The roster of Impact Wrestling is made stable and consistent by Eddie Edwards' re-signing. Edwards is a beautiful asset to the business with his talent and experience, and he will keep fans entertained for many more years.

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