Tom Hannifan on the commentary job at IMPACT


Tom Hannifan on the commentary job at IMPACT

Tom Haniffan spoke for the VL Media podcast about the work of an IMPACT commentator. Haniffan considers this experience much better considering that he is not limited to certain things. “I do think I have changed the way I do things.

The biggest change, I think, is that I don’t have to talk with the WWE verbiage. When you do commentary for WWE, there are certain words, certain phrases, that you are forced to use because that’s how they want to promote their product on the air.

Not having those rules at Impact allows me to show more of myself on the air. People don’t hear Tom Phillips anymore, they hear Tom Hannifan. I am really myself at Impact”. - Haniffan said, as quoted by

Tom Haniffan

He wants to make the most of the freedom he has in the right way.

Hannifan believes that this is an ideal chance to show his full potential. “I think that it allows me to be more authentic on the mic. Then, because of Impact, I can afford to try some things on the air that I couldn’t do at WWE.

The fact that our shows are taped helps because we can see what works and what doesn’t. If I try something that doesn’t work, I’ll be able to see it and correct myself. Moreover, if I try something that doesn’t really work, we can always change it in post-production.

Those who watched Hard to Kill 2023 could see that I used some pretty crude language for the Full Metal Mayhem match. That’s a style of commentary I could have never done in WWE. I’m grateful for the chance to do that at Impact.

When the timing is right, it’s fun to be able to announce matches of our era with an “old school” style of commentary”.