Mickie James on Grace and why she deserved a rematch

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Mickie James on Grace and why she deserved a rematch
Mickie James on Grace and why she deserved a rematch (Provided by Wrestling World)

"Instinct Culture" podcast was an ideal opportunity for Mickie James to talk about the rematch with Grace. Grace is asking for a match, and James has nothing against fulfilling such an agreement. We hope that it will be a real spectacle and a great match.

“This is a match that Jordynne asked for. Technically, she obviously has it in her rematch clause. To her, there is some speculation on whether she should still be champion. There’s a bit of controversy, and I certainly don’t want any controversy and if I’m going to be the champion, I want to truly be the champion.

She deserves this rematch”. -he said, as quoted by ewrestlingnews.com

Mickie James vs Grace

It was during the previous match that James became familiar with the qualities and flaws of her opponent well. Her next match will be an opportunity for her to put everything she has learned into practice.

This time around, it is expected to be a much better match. In addition, it seems that she did a good job of analyzing her opponent, and warned her of the dangers that lay ahead. “I already know what I’m going in for and that’s going to be war, I still feel from the first match that we had she is a different type of competitor and she’s absolutely amazing.

So I know, whatever you’re in store for is going to be a war. I hope that Jordynne is listening because now, I’m aware. Now I know how hard you hit. Now I know what you’re capable of. So I’m going in there — I have watched it, studied it going into it.

There’s a difference between watching and studying and feeling and being apart and being in there. So now that I’m aware, I’m hoping that I can get it done a little quicker this time”.

Mickie James