Gail Kim Praises Tessa Blanchard

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Gail Kim Praises Tessa Blanchard

Gail Kim is an Impact Wrestling producer and according to some, she was the best female wrestler of the world. She had 2 runs with the WWE, and stated in previous interviews that she does not want to re-join the WWE. Gail Kim made her return to in-ring action and started a feud with Tessa Blanchard.

On The WINCLY podcast, she spoke about Tessa Blanchard and even praised her. She stated that she is too young and inexperienced but people like her. She even spoke about her early career days and how she appeared on TV aged 25.

"I think people are already impressed with Tessa. Just the girls as a whole I think are really starting to gel with each other. I don't know if that is necessarily coming across onscreen, but I notice it. Jordynne breaking out recently in a single's run.

She has been really impressing me in terms of the difference I've been able to see in terms of when she was tagging to singles. I'm liking what I'm seeing a lot, and she is just going to get better and better. "She is young too.

A lot of them are just really young right now. I'm happy to see where they are at this point in their careers. Tessa is 24 years old. I took my first bump at 23. I wasn't on television until 25."