Deonna Purrazzo: Endless Opportunities for Gisele Shaw


Deonna Purrazzo: Endless Opportunities for Gisele Shaw

Deonna Purrazzo, known as The Virtuosa, recently opened up about the growth and evolution of fellow IMPACT Wrestling star Gisele Shaw. Purrazzo discussed Shaw's journey in the company, her struggles, and her recent rise as one of the standout talents in the women's division.

Purrazzo began by reflecting on Shaw's early days in IMPACT, acknowledging that her fellow wrestler had difficulty finding her footing in the company. With a solid foundation, Gisele could establish herself as a prominent character and performer within the IMPACT roster.

Purrazzo's Advice for Shaw

During a conversation at IMPACT Rebellion, Purrazzo shared her advice with Shaw: "You have to trust people putting you in these situations. Whoever is doing the creative puts you in these situations because you can handle them." Purrazzo discussed Shaw's journey as a singles star, her team-up with Lady Frost, and her various stints in different tag teams.

Through these trials, Shaw struggled to gain traction and make a lasting impact. However, things have changed for Gisele Shaw in recent months. Her character and in-ring performance have significantly transformed, and she is now considered one of the standout talents in the women's division.

Purrazzo credits Shaw's growing confidence and the release of her diary, which shares her life story, as critical factors in this development. Purrazzo stated, "To see her flourish, we've all followed her story; she has an amazing diary to show the world, 'This is who I am.'

Coming out, her story exemplifies what she does in the ring. The Virtuosa praised Shaw's newfound attitude, saying she now knows who she is and is living her most authentic life. This confidence and her undeniable in-ring ability have created a powerful presence in the wrestling world.

As Shaw progresses in her career, Purrazzo believes the sky is the limit for her fellow wrestler. "Now that she has it, the possibilities are endless for Gisele," Purrazzo concluded. The professional wrestling community and fans alike are excited to see what the future holds for Gisele Shaw.

With her newfound confidence, authentic character, and unwavering determination, Shaw is poised to impact the industry for years to come significantly.

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