Deonna Purrazzo Comments on Being in WWE NXT


Deonna Purrazzo Comments on Being in WWE NXT

Many casual WWE fans may have heard of Deonna Purrazzo as she used to work at NXT at one-time. She is one of the many indie wrestlers that join the WWE only to find that it is not a place where they can grow. Since the WWE has a huge talent pool, the WWE cannot push every single wrestler that joins the company.

Deonna Purrazzo Talks About The Why She Disliked The WWE

Many indie wrestlers leave the WWE after they know for certain that they will not be handled well by the company. Many indie wrestlers continue to grind, but fail to win any major title in the WWE, and are reduced to just jobbing or used to get pad the runtime.

Many wrestlers such as Deonna find success outside of the WWE. Deonna has already won The Knockouts Title multiple times during her run at Impact Wrestling. Impact Wrestling is no longer as large as it used to be, but it is still the home of some extremely talented wrestlers that could not find their footing in the WWE.

Deonna was released by the WWE in 2020. She was not a wrestler that shies away from stating how it felt like to be in the WWE. She even stated that she hated being there, during an interview once. She recently spoke on "Paltrocast with Darren Paltrowitz”.

She stated on the podcast that she nearly quit wrestling after her time in the WWE. This was probably the reason why, Deonna was thinking about not joining Impact Wrestling when she got the chance. "It took a while for me to kind of even feel confident in the fact that I wanted to continue to wrestle," Purrazzo explained.

"And so I was very unsure when I first came to Impact of 'Do I sign a contract? 'Cause I just got out of one that I was miserable in.' So I kind of just didn't know what my next steps were and wanted to feel it out." She soon realized that Impact Wrestling’s environment worked very well for her, and she stated that she felt comfortable there.

"But almost immediately, it was like 'This place feels good. This place feels comfortable. It feels like a place I can thrive in.' And I was able to obviously. I signed, and it's almost been 3 ½ years now. I wouldn't say immediately I knew — because I was in a really weird place personally and professionally — but it was a really great fit right away," Deonna Purrazzo said.

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