RVD on Taking Chairs to The Head

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RVD on Taking Chairs to The Head

Rob Van Dam is a veteran professional wrestler. He has worked with numerous wrestling promotions and has worked with the WWE as well. He is currently with Impact Wrestling and is one of their top talents. RVD has spent nearly 20 years in the wrestling industry as an active professional wrestler.

He was a high flying wrestler and used to put his body on the line to entertain the fans. He would jump on ladders, dive from great heights and even go through tables and chairs without a problem. He came at a time where taking chairs shots to the head were quite common.

He spoke about it on X-Pac’s podcast. "So I have mixed feelings about that, cause one, it's an art form. And for me I've always appreciated being able to express myself as an artist," said RVD. "I feel that they should know - young guys getting in the business - if they know that hitting their heads is dangerous and could lead to stuff and they choose to do it anyway”.

"It seems unnecessary now, but I mean, I don't wanna stop... I mean I don't even want to wrestle. But when I do, I better give it all I've got, you know, because that's the worker that I am. The moves that I am gonna do are still gonna be dangerous, they are still gonna be moves that people in the crowd wouldn't be able to survive."