Steve Maclin Lauds Gresham: World-Class Wrestler

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Steve Maclin Lauds Gresham: World-Class Wrestler
Steve Maclin Lauds Gresham: World-Class Wrestler (Provided by Wrestling World)

In a recent interview on Fightful's In The Weeds program, the reigning IMPACT World Champion spoke about his admiration for Jonathan Gresham, fondly recalling their match under Pure Rules. The champion believes that Gresham, also known as The Octopus, is one of the best technical wrestlers in the world and deserves more recognition for his talents.

The champ quickly praised Gresham's technical genius and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to learn from him during their match. "Pure technical genius, he is. One of the best in the world. Doesn't get enough credit.

I know people talk about it, but he needs to get more credit for how good he is," he said. The champion added that he had an open mind going into the match, allowing Gresham to guide him through the intricacies of the Pure Rules and how to create a captivating story within those boundaries.

For their 12-minute match, the champion felt they successfully told an engaging story that kept the audience's attention. He emphasized the importance of adhering to the rules in wrestling matches, as it enhances the storytelling and elevates the overall experience.

The champ explained, "That is one of those things in pro wrestling and tag wrestling, where, if you abide by the rules and make them mean something, it makes the story and the match so much better."

Champ Open for Rematch

He concluded by expressing his pride in his match with Gresham, revealing that he had received numerous compliments about their bout.

The champ is open to facing Gresham again, stating, "Maybe down the road, that is somewhere we go. I would love to do another match like that because it pushed me to my limits on the technical side." Although the champion admitted that he is not the most technical wrestler in the world, he knows how to adapt and work with various styles.

This adaptability was tested during his match with Gresham, which he considers a proud moment in his career. The reigning IMPACT World Champion's interview highlights the importance of respecting and acknowledging the talents of fellow wrestlers, fostering an environment where performers can learn from one another and grow as professionals.

As the world of professional wrestling continues to evolve, this mutual respect and admiration will drive the sport to new heights.