Brian Cage Taken to Emergency

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Brian Cage Taken to Emergency

The Impact Wrestling Rebellion event just took place. Brian Cage was in action. Impact Wrestling stated that Brian Cage was taken to the hospital and was placed in emergency. He won the Impact World title after he defeated Johnny Impact.

PWInsider reported that Cage is actually injured for real. It is most likely a back injury. The injury occurred when Cage took a Spanish fly. He was taken from the ramp to the floor by that move. Cage was visibly injured and he didn’t move that well in the ring.

He managed to finish the match and even took a powerbomb from Michael Elgin after the match. Cage took a photo and posted it on his Twitter account. This is what the post read: "Not how I wanted or ever imagined this incredible night would end," Cage wrote.

"I've chased this moment and have dreamt about this my entire life. And to have this be the outcome, I'd be lying if I said it didn't break my heart." Back injuries are pretty common in professional wrestling.

Most wrestlers take huge bumps in the ring. Even a very small botch can result in a huge injury. Back injuries have ended the careers of many wrestlers. Even though wrestlers take tons of training, they still can’t perform every move with absolute perfection. That is why professional wrestling is not for everyone!