Gail Kim on Sasha Banks

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Gail Kim on Sasha Banks

Gail Kim is one of the best WWE female wrestlers of all time, but she had issues with the WWE in the past. She had two runs with the WWE and left the WWE on bad terms. That is the reason why she can understand why Sasha Banks is upset and has recently stated that she will simply sit out the rest of her contract.

Kim was on the WINCLY podcast where she spoke about Sasha Banks. "I'm always on the talent side," Kim said. "I've been in a similar position but not that amount of time left on the contract. I quit with seven weeks left on my contract and they didn't even want to let me out of that seven weeks."

Kim then went on the bash WWE’s logic for not considering Banks a top talent in the company while also keeping her in the company and not letting her leave to work for another promotion. "If I wasn't a valuable talent to them, it doesn't even matter if I jump to another wrestling company.

Because who was I to you? Nothing, right? I just thought it was a major control issue within them. I think the employees that are unhappy should be let out of their contracts," stated Kim. She also mentioned Brock Lesnar and spoke about the time he won the non-compete case.

He tried competing in the NFL after he left the WWE for the first time! Wrestlers are independent contractors, and Kim is always on the side of wrestlers.