Nick Aldis Set for IMPACT Era, Discusses Slammiversary World Title Match


Nick Aldis Set for IMPACT Era, Discusses Slammiversary World Title Match

Nick Aldis, the renowned wrestling star known as "The National Treasure," recently shared his insights on an array of wrestling-centric topics during an exclusive interview with PW Mania. Much of this discussion was dedicated to his current stint with IMPACT Wrestling and his aspirations for an upcoming world title match at the high-profile Slammiversary pay-per-view event.

Aldis is no stranger to the pressures of high-stakes WrestlingWrestling. His forthcoming match against Alex Shelley for the world title isn't merely an opportunity; it's an expectation. "Being in this spot feels familiar. It's the right thing to do," Aldis asserts, indicating his determination to reclaim the top spot in IMPACT.

Contrary to the traditional humbling rhetoric of gratitude often displayed by wrestlers, Aldis doesn't mince his words. He professes, "If I weren't in the World Title match at Slammiversary, I'd be pissed off. That's what I'm here to do.

Be in the main event, be in the World Title match." His frankness and dedication to his craft become even more evident as he articulates his ambition to spearhead the 'Aldis era' of IMPACT Wrestling.

Aldis Eyes Championship Ripple Effect

Aldis' confidence doesn't waiver when potentially recapturing the world championship title comes up.

He underscores his commitment to enhancing the title's prestige and raising the stakes for all future contenders. The aim is to win and create a ripple effect that elevates the entire company. When asked about future adversaries, Aldis maintains his focus, saying, "Opponents, I never overthink about that." What's on his radar is the tantalizing prospect of some engagements with New Japan.

Yet, the primary goal remains clear for the seasoned wrestler - win the championship and create an upward trajectory for himself, the title, and IMPACT Wrestling Wrestling. "I'm focused, I'm ready, and I feel good. I'm ready to make it happen," concludes Aldis, briefly summarizing his game plan and sending a clear message to all future opponents.

As wrestling fans gear up for the Slammiversary event, it is clear that the wrestling world stands on the brink of a potential new 'Aldis era.'

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