Chris Sabin Balances Agent Work with IMPACT Wrestling Competitions


Chris Sabin Balances Agent Work with IMPACT Wrestling Competitions

During a recent interview, renowned professional wrestler Chris Sabin opened up about his multifaceted role within IMPACT Wrestling. Not only does he continue to compete in the ring, but he also actively serves as an agent behind the scenes.

This unique arrangement allows Sabin to expand his knowledge and experience in the wrestling industry while showcasing his skills both in and out of the squared circle. For nearly four years, Sabin has been immersing himself in the world of backstage agenting, a role he took on in 2019.

Each year, he grows more enthusiastic about honing his skills in this aspect of the business. He expressed willingness to transition into a full-time agent position once his in-ring career eventually ends.

Sabin's Fulfilling Dual Role

The versatility and value of being an agent are preserved on Sabin.

He recognizes that every major wrestling company in the United States relies on the expertise of backstage agents. This additional skill set under his belt gives him a sense of security and fulfillment, knowing he can still contribute significantly to the wrestling business even if his active wrestling days end.

Sabin remains content as long as he can stay connected to the industry he loves. Sabin eagerly shared his thoughts when the topic shifted to the highly anticipated Ultimate X match at Slammiversary, where the winner secured a future opportunity at the prestigious IMPACT X-Division Championship.

He acknowledged the intriguing possibility of his close friend KUSHIDA emerging victorious, given their shared history as members of the Time Machine tag team. However, Sabin also highlighted another competitor, Kevin Knight, as a standout.

Impressed by Knight's awe-inspiring athleticism and remarkable jumping ability, Sabin believed he had the potential to make a significant impact in the match. As Sabin juggles his dual roles as an agent and competitor, he remains steadfast in IMPACT Wrestling.

His commitment to expanding his horizons and embracing various aspects of the wrestling industry solidifies his reputation as a dedicated and multifaceted performer. Whether he's orchestrating behind the scenes or captivating audiences in the ring, Chris Sabin repeatedly proves that he is an invaluable asset to professional wrestling