Deonna Purrazzo: Trinity as Knockouts Champion Could Elevate IMPACT at Slammiversary

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Deonna Purrazzo: Trinity as Knockouts Champion Could Elevate IMPACT at Slammiversary
Deonna Purrazzo: Trinity as Knockouts Champion Could Elevate IMPACT at Slammiversary

During a recent interview, Deonna Purrazzo, the current Knockouts Champion, was asked about the possibility of losing her title and if Trinity, a rising star, could step up and carry IMPACT Wrestling forward. The champion's response was both candid and commendable.

Champion's Perspective on Trinity's Impact

Purrazzo expressed, "As a champion, you don't necessarily enter a competition with a loss in mind. However, I fully acknowledge that the Knockouts Division transcends me. It's filled with dedicated, hard-working women who aspire to take the division to unprecedented heights.

If Trinity surpasses me to become the champion, and that act propels our company forward, then I really can't argue against it." The three-time Knockouts Champion reaffirmed that expanding the audience base and increasing the visibility of IMPACT Wrestling are priorities.

Purrazzo indicated she would gracefully accept a potential loss if Trinity became the catalyst for this growth. "I believe I've reached a stage at IMPACT where my identity as one of the company's faces remains intact, regardless of whether or not I hold the champion's title," Purrazzo explained.

"I'm extremely grateful for this position. Suppose another champion with a larger platform achieved more than I can bring a larger audience to our show, increase our weekly viewership, and stimulate more conversations about our product than my champion.

In that case, I can't view that as a negative. Ultimately, we're striving for expansion and evolution. If Trinity can facilitate this growth, or if anyone else can, I can't be resentful at the end of the day. It's simply what's best for our business." In summary, Purrazzo, a revered figure in the Knockouts Division, demonstrated her professionalism and dedication to the success of IMPACT Wrestling.

Her understanding that the betterment of the company sometimes necessitates personal setbacks exhibits a true champion's mindset. As IMPACT Wrestling approaches Slammiversary, fans eagerly await to see if Trinity could usher in a new era for the company.

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