Scott D'Amore Teases Exciting IMPACT Wrestling Developments in European Market


Scott D'Amore Teases Exciting IMPACT Wrestling Developments in European Market

During a recent interview on Press Pass, Scott D'Amore, the president of IMPACT Wrestling, shed some light on the company's plans in the European market, building fan anticipation. The discussion primarily revolved around the upcoming Slammiversary pay-per-view event, where D'Amore will team up with a mystery partner to face off against Bully Ray and Deaner in a highly-anticipated tag team match.

When asked about the possibility of hosting Slammiversary overseas, D'Amore revealed his connection to the United Kingdom, expressing his enthusiasm for the thriving wrestling scene in the region. Reflecting on his European experiences during the mid-90s, D'Amore mentioned his early tours in Hamburg, Germany, and his time spent in England, Ireland, and Wales.

He noted that back then, the wrestling scene in the UK was rather lackluster, aside from sporadic WWE tours. However, D'Amore highlighted the significant growth and resurgence the market has experienced since then.

Energetic European Fans Embrace Wrestling Spectacle

D'Amore also praised the passionate and knowledgeable UK and European wrestling fans.

Having personally competed in countries like Switzerland and Germany, he marveled at the enthusiasm and energy exhibited by European audiences. Drawing a parallel with the vibrant atmosphere of a soccer game, D'Amore praised the fans' unwavering support and eagerness for top-notch wrestling entertainment.

After releasing forthcoming announcements from IMPACT Wrestling, D'Amore hinted at exciting developments tailored to the European market. Whether it be Slammiversary or other upcoming events, he assured fans they could expect something special catered to their emotional support and enthusiasm.

With the European market witnessing a remarkable rise in popularity, D'Amore's remarks have ignited anticipation among fans eagerly awaiting IMPACT Wrestling's next move in the region. As the president of IMPACT Wrestling, D'Amore's comments not only showcased his appreciation for the UK and European wrestling scene but also hinted at a strategic plan to further engage and captivate fans in the region.

Wrestling enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await the imminent announcements, poised to witness the exciting ventures IMPACT Wrestling has in store for its devoted European fanbase.