Top IMPACT Star Boosts Michael Oku Match Performance

Oku unveils the cornerstone behind his wrestling evolution.

by Noman Rasool
Top IMPACT Star Boosts Michael Oku Match Performance

In a recent revealing interview with Post Wrestling's Andrew Thompson, the reigning RevPro Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion, Michael Oku, shared his candid reflections on the game-changing advice he received from IMPACT star 'Speedball' Mike Bailey.

According to Oku, Bailey's influence has been pivotal in refining his wrestling finesse and enhancing his match quality. Bailey, renowned for his unparalleled commitment to excellence inside the squared circle, especially in the UK scene, has the distinction of invariably delivering the standout match of any event.

Oku reminisced, "The recurring sentiment among performers was: regardless of how good you were if you shared the bill with Speedball Mike Bailey, brace yourself for second place."

Oku's Deep Dive with Bailey

Drawn by Bailey's consistent high-performance reputation, Oku sought his counsel early in his wrestling journey.

"If I wanted to improve, who better to ask than Bailey?" Oku pondered. What followed was a blueprint, not merely a sequence of moves but a deeper dive into wrestling's intricate psychology. Oku emphasizes that while his move-set has largely remained static over the past half-decade, it's the strategic placement of these moves, dictated by match tempo and narrative, where Bailey's lessons have genuinely made a mark.

"Bailey's detailed feedback always resonated because it came from a place of experience and a shared understanding of match dynamics," explained Oku. Oku recounted a memorable showdown at West Coast Pro, reiterating his reverence for Bailey.

Their chemistry was palpable, birthed from mutual respect and familiarity with each other's wrestling styles. "By the time of that match, our understanding was almost telepathic. We anticipated each other's moves and trusted one another implicitly," shared Oku.

In a world where hyperbole is rampant, Oku's claim that Bailey could be touted as the world's premier wrestler doesn't come lightly. Oku acknowledged its significance by drawing from their bout in San Francisco following the frenetic Mania week.

Not only did it showcase his prowess to new demographics, but it was also a testament to Bailey's unparalleled skills and guidance. In closing, Michael Oku's sentiment is one of profound gratitude. "Speedball's wisdom transformed my wrestling narrative. My debt to him is eternal."