Traci Brooks Speaks About Her Return to Impact Wrestling

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Traci Brooks Speaks About Her Return to Impact Wrestling
Traci Brooks Speaks About Her Return to Impact Wrestling

Traci Brooks recently made her return to professional wrestling by joining Impact Wrestling. Impact Wrestling was previously known as TNA, and was the only alternative that WWE fans had at one time. They hired some of the best former WWE stars during the 2000s.

During that time, they were known for hosting shows and matches that WWE could not due to their PG rating.

Traci Brooks Provides Details About Her Impact Wrestling Return After Nearly 11 Years

Traci Brooks retired in 2012.

Just like many other female superstars, she wanted to stay away from professional wrestling and focus on her family. She also wanted to give proper time to her children, which she could not if she was wrestling professionally.

Traci appeared this year at Slammiversary. She accompanied her husband, Frankie Kazarian to the ring and stayed in his corner. Frankie fought Eddie Edwards that night. Traci spoke about her return on “GAW TV”. She revealed that Impact Wrestling did not want her to wrestle, so she agreed to return.

"It was old school," Brooks said of her return. "We did what we could do. I've been out of wrestling for almost 11 years, but it wasn't like we went in there and put on a five-star wrestling match. We went in there and did what I could — and that was to kick her [Alisha Edwards'] a*s, pull her hair, and get her the hell away from my husband." Traci revealed that she enjoyed the “old school catfight” that she was involved in.

The Impact Wrestling fans haven’t seen a catfight in a long time. Traci stated that she felt “very sore” after the catfight, as her body can’t handle the brutality of wrestling. Traci had a conversation with her husband about returning to wrestling.

"My husband asked me if I wanted to come and do this," Brooks revealed. "There were two reasons. One was, I always tell my son, 'The only regrets you have in life are the opportunities you don't take.' So, I couldn't say 'No' because of him." Traci revealed that her son was shocked to see her being part of a Slammiversary video package.

"He was so excited," Brooks said of her son's reaction. "He asked me, 'Are you scared?' 'Yeah, I'm scared, but I'm going to do it. I'm doing it for you,' and I did it for my girlfriend Tracy. She passed away almost a year ago. I live life for her."