Nick Aldis Speaks About Working for TNA During Its Peek


Nick Aldis Speaks About Working for TNA During Its Peek
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TNA is now known as Impact Wrestling. TNA was short for Total Nonstop Action. It was a wrestling promotion that was created by Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Jarrett. The promotion is still alive, even after 21 years. The promotion has seen a lot of highs and lows since it started.

The promotion struggled retaining big wrestling names during their peek. They also sometimes struggled getting new TV deals. TNA was part of some scandals in the past as well.

Nick Aldis Talks About Winning the TNA Title Being An Accomplishment

Nick Aldis recently spoke to Chris Van Vliet about working for TNA during its peek.

Nick Aldis is still a very popular superstar and one of the most popular indie wrestlers in the world. "I think I came in at the peak," Aldis said, stating that he signed with the company in 2008 and debuted as Magnus in 2009.

"Right before Hogan, I think, is peak TNA." Chris asked Nick if he believes TNA peeked under Vince Russo, who is a very famous wrestling creating writer. "I think of it more as when there was that balance of Dixie [Carter], Jeff Jarrett, Vince [Russo], [Jim] Cornette, Dutch Mantell," Aldis continued.

"There was a melting pot of philosophies and ideas." Nick revealed that it was Jeff that made sure to keep the focus on delivering good conclusions to all storylines. These storylines would result in money being drawn. "That way of thinking cannot die out," Aldis stated.

"It's absolutely imperative that people learn from people like Dutch and, whether people want to accept it or like it or not, from Cornette." Nick failed to win the TNA World Title during the promotion’s peek. Nick eventually won the TNA world title, and he feels that it is one of his life’s accomplishments.

"A Brit had never done that," Aldis said. "The irony is that guys like Dutch or Russo ... might laugh at that now, because one of the things I used to say a lot, and I'm sure it drove them crazy, is, 'I don't want to be known as a British guy.

It doesn't matter if I'm British. Who gives a s**t?'" Nick believes that British fans supported him tremendously after he won the TNA world title. Before Nick, no British wrestler had ever won a major title in the US before.

Nick also enjoyed working with Sting, who is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. "That's the other thing that I will never stop appreciating, is that Sting, for whatever reason, ... just because he wanted to and he had a gut feeling, he said, 'I want to work with that kid. Give me him,'" Aldis continued.

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