Brian Cage set for Slammiversary PPV

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Brian Cage set for Slammiversary PPV

The Slammiversary PPV will be organized by Impact Wrestling. It will take place at the Gilley’s Dallas in Dallas, Texas on the 7th of July. Brian Cage is the current Impact World Champion and he will fight at Michael Elgin at the event.

If he loses, he will lose his Impact World Title. Cage defeated Johnny Impact in April at the Rebellion PPV. The event took place in April. During the event, Elgin made his debut and started attacking Cage. Cage got injured during his match with Impact.

It occurred when he used a Spanish fly to the floor. He ended up with a severe inflammation and bruised his bone. Cage had to miss the TV tapings that happened the very next day after the PPV event. Brian Cage was a guest at the WINCLY podcast to talk about his injury and his target to return at Slammiversary.

"The initial injury was caused by the Spanish Fly onto the floor off the stage and that powerbomb afterwards [from Michael Elgin] didn't help either," admitted Cage. "I feel like a lot of people wanted the match to stop except me.

I was like, 'No, no, no. We're gonna see this thing through the end.' ... I don't know when I'm gonna return, but my goal and hope is to be back by Slammiversary." Unfortunately, injuries are very common in professional wrestling.