Brian Cage on Working with AEW

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Brian Cage on Working with AEW

Brian Cage won the Impact World Title at Impact Wrestling’s Rebellion PPV. Unfortunately, Michael Elgin debuted after his win and that overshadowed his victory. Brian Cage spoke about All Elite Wrestling possibly working with the Impact Wrestling in the future.

This is what he said on Wrestling Inc. "Obviously, yeah. Essentially, everyone in the pro wrestling business is in the business together. We're all trying to make money and WWE is obviously the global conglomerate and has the stronghold on everything.

I feel like everyone who's competing against each other and them, if everyone would work together, we would present way more possibilities as far as matches and storylines," said Cage. "I would love to see more partnerships going down whether it be with Impact and AEW or Impact and ROH."

All Elite Wrestling is backed by a billionaire and many people believe that AEW will be able to beat the WWE one day. Of course, the AEW has a long way to go. AEW just held its first ever PPV event called Double or Nothing, which was received well by the people of the wrestling industry.

AEW has some of the best indie wrestlers of the world working for them. Cage also stated that he would like to see a talent swap with AEW one day which would help both promotions. So far, AEW and Impact Wrestling have no apparent plans of working together.