Classic TNA Star's 2020 Impact Wrestling Return Cancelled: The Inside Story


Classic TNA Star's 2020 Impact Wrestling Return Cancelled: The Inside Story
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In a recent virtual signing event with Golden Ring Collectibles, Moose, a current standout in Impact Wrestling, dropped a bombshell about a matchup that nearly came to fruition: a face-off against classic TNA icon, Monty Brown.

Although Brown has been absent from the wrestling ring since 2007, discussions were underway for the two powerhouses to collide in a feature bout at the event TNA: There's No Place Like Home in 2020. Moose shared, "I've always dreamt of going toe-to-toe with Monty.

We were actually in talks about making this dream match a reality at an Impact Wrestling special in Tampa, coinciding with WrestleMania weekend. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic brought those plans to a screeching halt."

Pandemic Derails Match

The would-be epic showdown was just another casualty of the pandemic's disruptive impact on live events, leaving fans and industry insiders to speculate on whether this tantalizing bout will ever take place.

Moose, for one, remains hopeful. His recent contract renewal with Impact Wrestling indicates that he's committed to the promotion, despite reported interest from WWE and other major wrestling organizations. Monty Brown, known for his prolific career in TNA, had a brief stint in WWE between 2006 and 2007 under the ring name Marcus Cor Von.

He was part of the New Breed team that clashed with the ECW Originals at WWE WrestleMania 23. Since then, Brown has largely distanced himself from the wrestling world, making the scrapped 2020 match even more tantalizing for fans of both athletes.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the match, Moose’s new contract with Impact suggests that the door is still open for future high-profile bouts. Whether or not fans will ever witness the Moose vs. Brown showdown remains a topic of intense speculation.

But one thing is certain: with the landscape of professional wrestling ever-shifting, never say never. With the pandemic slowing down and events resuming, could the long-anticipated Moose versus Monty Brown matchup finally take place? Only time will tell, but it's a bout that would certainly grab headlines and shake the wrestling world.