Impact Episode Fails to Air on Pursuit

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Impact Episode Fails to Air on Pursuit

Impact’s latest episode failed to air on Pursuit this past week. Fans instead got to see the previous episode that aired last week. The episode was simply re-run. According to PWInsider it was 100% Pursuit’s fault and they are the ones to blame.

The latest episode of Impact Wrestling aired on Impact Wrestling’s Twitch TV Channel and fans could watch it. It has been reported that Impact has been dealing with a lot of problems with Pursuit ever since moving to it.

They moved in the middle of January this year. The parent company of Impact Wrestling has a stake in Pursuit, so it is a bit surprising that Impact is facing problems. According to report, Pursuit are slow in responding to questions and complaints.

One of the biggest issues that happened recently was several weeks back. Impact took a commercial break before the main event of that episode. The problem is, the episode never returned after the commercial break. Fans could only watch 35 minutes of commercial breaks that day only.

Pursuit also listed Impact in its programming list after a number of weeks and to several cable providers Impact wrestling officials also feel that Pursuit are doing little to nothing in helping the promotion promote itself on the channel. It has been reported that Impact Wrestling are again looking for a better TV deal, but there is no word on it yet.