Rich Swann On Michael Elgin's Ring IQ

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Rich Swann On Michael Elgin's Ring IQ

Rich Swann is the current Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion. He managed to pin former Impact World Champion, Johnny Impact recently in a tag team match. Rich Swann is one of the best Impact Wrestling wrestlers in the current roster.

He expressed interest in fighting for the world title, but Michael Elgin might stand in his way. Elgin and Swann have fought each other before. On the WINCLY podcast, Swann praise Elgin that stated that Elgin has a great ring IQ.

"Well Michael Elgin is a former World Champion in various promotions – ROH, New Japan, PWG. The guy's wrestling IQ is higher than any wrestler that I've ever been in the ring with. Michael Elgin is a beast," stated Swann.

"For him to come in and do what he did to Brian Cage, I'm sorry that Cage got injured, but it was a huge acquisition for Impact Wrestling." About the world title, Swann wants to fight the injured Brian Cage for it.

He wants to give up his current X-Division title voluntarily for it. "I've wrestled Brian Cage at his best, and if I were to do something like that it would be out of character for me," revealed Swann. "To be honest, I'd like to build the X-Division and show the world what I can do holding this championship. I'm not going to take a championship and then push it to the side just for an opportunity.