Rich Swann Talks About Sami Callihan Getting Personal

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Rich Swann Talks About Sami Callihan Getting Personal

Even though Impact Wrestling is not as big as it used to be, it is still one of the most popular wrestling promotions of the world. They still have some extremely talented wrestlers working for them. A few impact wrestling wrestlers are now doing pretty well in the WWE.

AJ Styles is a prime example of this. Rich Swann is a well-known Impact Wrestling wrestler. He is currently feuding with Sami Callihan and Swann stated on the WINCLY podcast that he believes the feud will never finish. "Right now, it may be finished but I don't think it's ever done with Sami Callihan.," Swann said.

"He likes to hold grudges. He likes to let things fester in his mind until he thinks he's got his way”. Sami Callihan regularly brings up Swann’s past while cutting promos. Swann stated that he doesn’t mind that at all as the fans take interest and Swann thinks it is good for the company.

Swann also stated that he is open about his past. "I'm not ashamed of what my life is. I'm not ashamed of what has happened in my life because I feel like, if I share that, there might be somebody out there that will hear that and be like, 'Maybe I can become a wrestler.

Maybe I can do what they want to do'”. "But Sami putting things out there, just puts more fuel to the fire. It's just interesting to hear things come out of his mouth”.