Joey Ryan on Difficulties He Faces as a Promoter

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Joey Ryan on Difficulties He Faces as a Promoter

Joey Ryan is currently working in the indie circuit and he is extremely popular over there. He has worked for Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor and WWE in the past, but he spent most of his career on the indie circuit. He has wrestled some of the most famous wrestlers of the world actually.

He is well-known for inter-gender matches and they are very entertaining according to some fans. Ryan is also a promoter and he works for Bar Wrestling. It is based in his hometown which is Los Angeles. Many casual fans do not know about the tough life of a promoter.

Indie wrestling promoters have to work really hard to make a good amount of money. Most indie wrestling promoters fail to hold on to their best talents as they often get hired by bigger promotions. Joey Ryan spoke about the hardest parts of promoting on the Not Sam Wrestling Podcast.

“My shows are standing room only and in a tight space so I can't have that audience there for four hours; I try to keep it to a tight 6-match card, two-and-a-half-hour card. We don't even start the show until 9 pm because it is a weeknight,” stated Ryan.

“That is the most stressful part when having to tell people that there's just not a spot for them but it's pretty rewarding when fans come up to you or other wrestlers and are just happy with your show or what you have presented."