Konnan on Moving Away from Pursuit

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Konnan on Moving Away from Pursuit

Impact Wrestling has made it clear that things are not going well between them and Pursuit channel. Pursuit made a huge mistake recently. They did a re-run of one of Impact’s last episodes that aired a week back. Of course, Impact Wrestling did not like that one bit.

That is the reason why many people believe that Impact Wrestling needs to find a better TV Home after this that takes them more seriously. Konnan spoke about it on the WINCLY podcast. "First of all no one can get the channel and second of all it's a hunting channel," said Konnan.

"It doesn't matter how good you are if no one is watching you. And that's a problem because we're real good right now. …No one can really see it unless you get it on Twitch and a lot of people don't wanna go on Twitch”.

"So, I think them looking for a better platform, which I think they will find, will help image-wise, morale-wise and people will be watching a really good product." About which channel Impact Wrestling might move to, Konnan suggested that any channel would be better than Pursuit at this point.

"Just about anything…you could be on MTV3 and that would be better than being there," Konnan said of Pursuit. "The place they are going is substantially better." Impact Wrestling hasn’t done very well since going to Pursuit and the company needs to keep its ratings high to make a good profit.