Eli Drake discusses his release from Impact Wrestling

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Eli Drake discusses his release from Impact Wrestling

Eli Drake is a former one-time Impact World Champion, TNA King of the Mountain Champion and Impact World Tag Team Champion with Scott Steiner. He has won three Feast or Fired briefcases. Drake appeared as a cast member on the TNT reality series The Hero, hosted by The Rock.

In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Drake discussed his release from Impact Wrestling: “Back in January, I basically just let them know like ‘hey, I’m not intending to stay this year.’ I kind of let them know my intentions that I wasn’t planning to stay this year.

I really thought about it last year and I almost left. I know they thought I was leaving, I thought I was leaving at one point and I ultimately decided to stay. I kind of came to the decision that there are a lot of options now.

I wasn’t happy with how the first half of the last year went for me but I will say, the last part of the year was a lot of fun. Even though it was Ellsworth or whatever. Just doing what we did in New York, that play I had with the audience there and with him."

During this time, a match was booked between Drake and Tessa Blanchard at United We Stand. However, Drake didn't want to wrestle a competitive match against a woman, criticizing intergender wrestling. After those comments, as well as comments disparaging Impact's booking of him, he was fired via e-mail on April 7. Following that, Impact tried to lock Drake into a no-complete clause due to breach of contract.