Eli Drake on Being on Good Terms with Ed Nordholm

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Eli Drake on Being on Good Terms with Ed Nordholm

Most professional wrestlers don’t leave a wrestling promotion on good terms. They usually start speaking against the wrestling promotion that they used to work for after they leave it. That is never a good thing as the wrestling promotions need to work really hard to earn a good amount of money.

Wrestler can badly damage the reputation of a particular wrestling promotion if what they say is true and the fans find out about it. A number of wrestlers do not want anything to do with inter-gender matches. In fact, some wrestlers have stated that women are not good at wrestling.

Statements like these are extremely controversial and even well-known wrestlers have made such comments. They come under fire from fans and they usually have to come up with a very good excuse for making such a statement. Eli Drake was one such wrestler.

He refused to fight Tessa Blanchard while he was working for Impact Wrestling. That led to him being fired by Impact Wrestling. Eli Drake was with Chris Van Vliet and he spoke about his eventual exit from the company. He stated that he is on good terms with Ed Nordholm despite the controversy.

"Eventually, we kind of hashed it out. We had some emails back and forth and finally I had a phone call with Ed Nordholm [just before the beginning of June]," Drake said. "He was very gracious to reach out. We had kind of spoken at length on what we could agree on, what we could do to move forward in a way that's amicable.

I told him that I have no intentions of giving Impact a bad rap. They've been very good to me. I live a comfortable life because of the money that I made there."