Killer Kelly decides to take a break

Killer Kelly’s recent run with TNA is over

by Simone Brugnoli
Killer Kelly decides to take a break
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Yesterday, we told you that three former TNA champions would leave the Canadian federation very soon, and while there is no doubt about Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, there is a small correction about Killer Kelly. In fact, according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, had reported that even Killer Kelly, arrived a couple of years ago and managed to win the title twice as part of the MK Ultra together with Masha Slamovich, would leave TNA:

Killer Kelly only takes a break

"Killer Kelly’s recent run with TNA is over, confirmed.

Kelly finished at PPV Sacrifice. He has worked for the federation in recent years, running for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship alongside Masha Slamovich." A few hours after the news of Mike Johnson, however, came Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful who wrote on X: "Killer Kelly is still in TNA.

Fightful Select spoke to various TNA sources who said he will take a break, which led to a misunderstanding that he "finished" [the run in TNA]. He’s under contract until the summer of 2025." As told in 2022 to Steven Fall of SEScoops, interview that you can already find on our pages, the wrestler had told after his return to IMPACT: "Well, it was exactly that day.

The same day I struggled, I was offered a deal. So I’ve been under contract for the last two years," he said. The wrestler wrestled in November 2020 in a match for the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament, teaming with Renee Michelle, but then he had taken a step back in October 2021 to try to feel better after what he had gently described as a time of anxiety and depression.

"That’s what I wanted. I was hungry for wrestling. I could taste it a little earlier and it just made me wish I had more and more, also because I was back in Portugal, not able to fight, and I practically didn’t after my last appearance at IMPACT. I only had a couple of matches."