New details on 2024 Slammiversary

Two huge matches announced for Slammiversary 2024

by Simone Brugnoli
New details on 2024 Slammiversary
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On the episode of TNA impact! Staged on June 27, 2024, the results of which can be found on our website, the Canadian federation began to build the card for its great summer event Slammiversary, adding even two title matches and continuing with the construction of another.

Going in chronological order of how the announcements were made, to open the episode was Gia Miller who interviewed the Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace who said that he decided to give a title match to Ash By Elegance right in episode, but she was immediately stopped by George Iceman and the same wrestler, with the two who showed up with security in tow not to risk, announcing that they have actually signed a contract for the match to take place at TNA Slammiversary and in fact it has been announced that so will be.

While regarding the second title match announced, Mustafa Ali and Campaign Singh went into the ring so that the champion could make his usual "political" speech denying his actions shown in a movie at TNA Against All Odds, and then go after Mike Bailey with the fans who started calling the wrestler out loud, while the X-Division Champion threatened to kick out three of them.

The problem was that a fan threw water at him, drawing the wrath of the champion who started attacking him.

Latest news on Slammiversary

To save him obviously came Bailey who began his personal fight with Ali. The champion, tired of the situation, challenged him to a title match with the X-Division Championship for Slammiversary.

While these two matches are already scheduled and should not undergo any change, but in wrestling you never know, a match is still under construction and we are talking about the one valid for the TNA World Championship held by Moose.

In fact, also on the last episode of TNA impact! we had some qualifying matches for a TNA World Title Six-Man Elimination Match. Steve Maclin qualified by defeating Sami Callihan, Nic Nemeth qualified by defeating Rich Swann and then we have a Josh Alexander who qualified last week by defeating Eric Young.