Killer Kross on Current Wrestling Landscape

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Killer Kross on Current Wrestling Landscape

Killer Kross is one of Impact Wrestling’s top talents. He is closely following All Elite Wrestling and he thinks that their product is good. Kross was present at All Elite Wrestling’s Double or Nothing PPV event where he was in attendance with his girlfriend.

His girlfriend is Scarlett Bordeaux, who herself was one of the top female talents in Impact Wrestling. Many fans have noticed a huge change in the wrestling landscape. With different styles, even smaller wrestlers can work for bigger promotions and reach the top of big promotions such as the WWE.

On the WICNLY podcast, Kross was asked whether it is easy to be a big man in professional wrestling now. "I think the general direction that things are moving in in terms of the majority of what people are seeing in pro wrestling is sort of like a hybrid lucha libre style.

There's a lot of lucha libre in western or modern pro wrestling, now more than ever," Kross said. "I'm a great base and I did lucha libre and worked in Mexico for almost four years, and I don't necessarily incorporate it into my style, but I know how to play with it and engage it”.

High flying wrestlers are usually well paid, and the people love watching them perform. Professional wrestling used to be a sport reserved only for the big and strong men. That is no longer the case.