Killer Kross on Mixing Different Wrestling Styles

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Killer Kross on Mixing Different Wrestling Styles

Killer Kross is a big man, and these days professional wrestling is not all about big men. It used to be at one time that is true, but high flying wrestlers now have a big place in the industry. Killer Kross is currently working for Impact Wrestling.

His girlfriend, Scarlett Bordeaux also worked for Impact Wrestling. She has been released by the company on her own request, but Kross is stuck there as his release wasn’t granted. Kross admitted on the WINCLY podcast that the entire landscape of professional wrestling has changed.

Now, even big men have to perform high flying moves in order to stay relevant or to get over with the fans. "It wouldn't be conducive to a successful show to book eight or nine matches all of the same style," Kross stated.

"People get burned out after 30 minutes. How many times can you see a flying something before the audience stops reacting? ...For instance a little bit of comedy, a technical wrestling match, a big man match, a hybrid lucha libre-style…On a seven-to-nine match card there's enough room to put those players in there.

Then if you want to top it off with a crazy name where everything is in there, you put Pentagon in there." Kross knows how important it is to mix styles now and how mixing styles actually keep the audience interested in watching the whole show.