Eric Bischoff on Being Hired by TNA

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Eric Bischoff on Being Hired by TNA

Eric Bischoff is the former president of WCW. He managed to get some of the best professional wrestling stars of that time. He went head to head with the WWE and beat them on several occasions. He spoke about his time in TNA on his podcast.

"It morphed," Bischoff stated. "When I was first hired by TNA, the Carters, in particular, didn't want me, they didn't want Eric Bischoff on the payroll, they didn't want anything to do with me. They wanted Hulk Hogan.

They challenge they had is Hulk Hogan knew there was nobody in TNA to find their ass with both hands and a compass when it came to creative. So, he wasn't willing to join TNA unless he had someone there that was watching over, at least, his creative."

Bischoff also claimed that he had plenty of responsibilities. "I did have a lot of responsibility," Bischoff exclaimed. "Because, everything TNA did once they hired Hulk Hogan, all centered around Hulk Hogan”.

Eric Bischoff is now the Executive Director at the WWE. The WWE is going to use him to boost ratings, or at least hope he can turn thing around. At the moment, the WWE is not making as much money as it once used to make. That is not a good thing, and the WWE is still the largest wrestling promotion of the world. They need loads of help!