Kongo Kong on Johnny Impact and Impact Wrestling

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Kongo Kong on Johnny Impact and Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling signed Kongo Kong in 2017. It was a unique singing and it was his first time with a mainstream promotion. He was nearly 40 years old at the time. He was given two shots at the World Title but he could never win it.

He left the company in 2019. On Cu The Promo Wrestling podcast, he spoke about his time at Impact. "I had done a couple shows with Abyss where we tagged and we worked against each other and eventually he told me that I'm going to get you a tryout in Orlando [for Impact].

Eventually he called me and gave me the dates he needed me to come there and try out. I tried out the first day and they said they didn't need me to try out anymore and I was signed up," stated Kong. Kong then spoke about Johnny Impact and his time with him as his tag team partner.

"Johnny always seemed like a really cool guy. He plays the character on television and that's not him where he's that cocky guy," revealed Kong. "He's totally not that guy outside of the ring. He's one of the better guys at most things and he's one of coolest guys I know." Johnny Impact is no longer a part of Impact Wrestling. He was known as John Morrison in the WWE.