Kongo Kong on Being Released by Impact

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Kongo Kong on Being Released by Impact

Kongo Kong was nearly 40 years old when he signed with Impact Wrestling. Therefore, it was a very unique signing. Impact Wrestling signed him in 2017. He never worked for a major wrestling promotion before that. He got two shots at the Impact World Title, but he failed to win the title.

His last appearance for Impact Wrestling was in the 23rd March tapings of Impact Wrestling. He was released by the company a while after that. He stated on the Cut The Promo Wrestling podcast that he was surprised. The company told him that they had future plans for him.

"On the very last set of tapings I did for Impact, they told me if I would be okay with doing a segment with Johnny Impact and something where I ran and jumped into Lake Ontario. I kind of called them and asked is this something I'm gonna come back from and they were like, 'oh yeah you'll be back on TV and you'll be wrestling Brian Cage' and I was like okay as long as this isn't a way to say goodbye," said Kong.

"It just so happened that we did it and I ran and jumped into the pool and I wrestled Brian Cage and on the following week of television I never got invited back. Kongo worked with Johnny Impact for a while. He was also his tag team partner.