Joey Ryan on Working in Southern California

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Joey Ryan on Working in Southern California

Joey Ryan is a famous indie wrestler. He is one of the founders of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla promotion which is known as PWG. He has worked for Impact Wrestling and various other indie promotions in his career. Ryan was a guest on the Talk is Jericho podcast where he spoke about how it is like working in southern California.

He compared it to New York and spoke about how contracted performers could compete there in front of new crowds. "Southern California is kind of an island on its own," Ryan said. "You can use these guys under Evolve contracts because Evolve didn't care, and you can use these guys under TNA contracts and ROH contracts.

You can have all of these dream matchups that would only take place there because Evolve and ROH aren't letting talent work together in New York because that is both their territory”. He mentioned that Southern California isn’t really their territory.

He said that a lot of stuff got under the radar and many dream moments were created there. It was a boom on social media and footage for the events became available faster. Joey Ryan had a big match in Impact Wrestling recently.

He wrestled Tessa Blanchard. He lost that match but it was extremely entertaining. He is still an indie wrestler, and he recently received an offer from the WWE reportedly, which he declined.