Priscilla Kelly on the reaction to her tampon spot

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Priscilla Kelly on the reaction to her tampon spot

Priscilla Kelly made her debut for the Japanese Promotion Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling in April 2018, losing to the Dragon Bombers (Maho Kurone & Rika Tatsumi) in a Tag Team Match alongside Hyper Misao. She has since worked matches on several occasions in Japan, all under the umbrella of the DDT Pro-Wrestling Promotion, her latest match being a loss in the Tokyo Princess of Princess Championship Match against Miyu Yamashita on October fourteenth.

On October 10, 2018, Ethan Page, MAO, Mike Bailey and herself defeated Jun Kasai, Akito, Masahiro Takanashi and Saki Akai. Kelly's in ring persona was initially based on her past being on My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, where she used the nickname of "Gypsy Princess" or "Gypsy Queen"

However, since then her persona has adopted more of a gothic and s****l tone. Kelly's in ring persona is now more based on a succubus. She also uses the nickname "Hell's Favorite Harlot" to further her s****l persona.

Kelly is also known for using tactics like biting and licking during her matches as a way to psyche out her opponents as well as further her character. Kelly has often been compared to WWE wrestler Paige in terms of their appearances.

As well as being a professional wrestler herself, she also is a valet. She most notably valeted Austin Theory until Evolve 118. In a recent interview with, Kelly commented on the reaction to her tampon spot: “I’ve seen men do way worse things that are disgusting and very much real in the ring and on television.

No one raises a single finger or uproar while a women’s menstrual cycle is something that you should be embarrassed about and ashamed of – and I’m not talking about a century ago; I’m talking about still today.

People are very weird when you bring up a women’s period. It’s something that’s natural; why do we have to feel so ashamed?”