Kiera Hogan on Her Impact Wrestling Contract

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Kiera Hogan on Her Impact Wrestling Contract

Kiera Hogan is currently working as a Knockout for Impact Wrestling. Knockout is the female wrestling division of Impact Wrestling. She was recently a guest on OutSports. Over there, she spoke about her multi-year deal with Impact Wrestling and about her boyfriend Diamante.

Diamante is also an Impact Wrestling star. She was asked about how she feels about her new deal that was signed with Impact Wrestling. She believe that Impact Wrestling will be her home for the foreseeable future. "It's honestly great, I'm so glad to continue to be a part of the roster and to continue to be a part of the Impact family, because, honestly, that's what it is," Hogan said.

"I honestly wouldn't want to be anywhere else. It's the best locker room I've been in. Both men and women, we all look out for each other. We all are very close with each other. I just feel like we're such a close-knit family that all want to do something really great with this platform that we've been given”.

Impact Wrestling is currently not as big as the WWE. They are in fact struggling, and most of their best superstars left them. Impact Wrestling still has some talented superstars, but their TV shows are not doing that well. In the interview, She revealed that she will be working with her boyfriend at Women of Wrestling.