Alex Shelley on TNA's Booking

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Alex Shelley on TNA's Booking

Alex Shelley was active on Twitter recently. He spoke about the current issues that TNA is facing with bookings. The people involved are the IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada, The Young Bucks, and Brian Kendrick. He started his post by sharing a photo of the group that was just mentioned.

"A little more context on the photo: TNA sent a runner out to the park to wrangle tourists into the studio," explained Shelley. "You could get your picture taken with the X-Division Title and be ushered into the studio to serve as an audience member.

We decided to get our picture with the belt as a total pi-- take. The runner didn't recognize us at all. No room for us on the show though, too busy with Nasty Boys and Orlando Jordan pantomiming ejaculation with lotion while watching Rob Terry wrestle.

No offense to The Nasty Boys or Orlando Jordan. All the offense to whomever decided to not have us wrestle, cut our pay, and overlook us. Over and over and over again. These things happening for years and seeing how my friends were treated (and they truly loved wrestling) were the catalyst for me going back to school.

So I didn't have to put up with such moronic decisions controlling my future, financially or emotionally. Thank God for @njpw1972." TNA is no longer as big as they used to be. They are now known as Impact Wrestling and they do not have the superstars that they once had.