Rhyno on how his ringname was christened

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Rhyno on how his ringname was christened

His name is Terrance Guido Gerin but to the wrestling world he is Rhyno. The 43-year-old wrestler in an interview with Wrestling Inc., spoke about how his ring name came to be. It is a long and interesting story that involves legally bypassing trademark issues, and involves an important contribution from Reckless Youth.

According to Rhyno, Reckless Youth came up with the name in one of the shows of which he and Christian and Edge were a part in Detroit. Rhyno added that the suggestion was a joke which became a reality and later, larger-than-life for him.

Rhyno said that the spelling of his name was the innovative idea of Joe Legend. He said, “The spelling too; actually, the 'R-H-Y-N-O' came from Joe Legend. When I signed with WWE, they go, 'We can't use [Rhino]', and they go, 'Well, trademark'

I think they wanted to come up with a different name to make it their own. And I told Joe that and he goes, 'Why don't they just use a Y?' I'm like, 'Yeah, I'll pitch it.' So, after about five weeks, they go, 'Yeah, your name is Rhyno with a Y, you're starting tonight.'

I'm like, 'Oh, cool.' ” Rhyno was a part of the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on two separate occasions. He first joined the WWE in 2001 and was part of the promotion until 2005. He re-joined WWE in 2015 and was part of the promotion until July 2019.